Stephen Moore – Man of the match

Here’s a picture of Stephen Moore holding up his well earned Man of the Match Trophy. And what a trophy it is, from this angle I’d describe it as a well hung lawn bowling unicorn. It’s mounted on a stand, but also comes with a blue ribbon which presumably goes around your neck. Would have looked great to wear it out in Twickenham the night after the match.

Stephen Moore man of the match

Stephen Moore man of the match

Personally I’d have given it to Al BaxTAH, but Moore did have a good game also. In truth, any of the forwards could have taken the honours, even the bearded one who was no-where near the wing. Someone please tell Sharpe not to shave, well at least not until February.

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3 Responses to Stephen Moore – Man of the match

  1. Leg Break says:

    Apparently that Pom Sean Fitzpatrick has come out and said this guy is the best hooker in the world.

    So he’s a cheat then?

  2. Gagger says:

    He was so (fair enough) knackered he couldn’t lift the trophy higher than that. He was literally walking for the last 5 minutes.

    The downside is that I saw TPN doing warm up throws behind the dead ball line and he wasn’t hitting his jumpers then either

  3. Moses says:

    Sean Fitzpatrick has come out? Bout time.