Botham the Pig

By the Ashes tour of 1982-83, Ian Botham was beginning to fill out around the waist and was no longer the swing-bowling sylph of his heyday. That was good enough for the crowd at The Gabba, who smuggled a piglet in through the turnstiles (by stuffing an apple in its mouth and convincing the steward he was soon to be lunch), then released him on the outfield with “Botham” scrawled on one flank, and “Eddie” (in tribute to the equally rotund Eddie Hemmings) on the other.

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4 Responses to Botham the Pig

  1. nestaquin says:

    Tony Greig certainly enjoyed the pig.

    Didn’t they replicate the incident in Sydney or Melbourne and grease the pig so the cops were chasing it around the outfield like a scene from a Warner Bros cartoon?

    And just how do you smuggle a pig into a crowded cricket match? I’m thinking down the trousers as baggy pants were all the rage back in the early eighties.

  2. Matthew Farbach says:

    MY uncle Steven and his mates from Lismore NSW were responsible for the pig. They smuggled it in an esky and convinced the security it was their lunch.
    :[) The pig was sedated . One of the group had vetinarien experience as well.

  3. Sport whoman says:

    They didn’t replicate the incident in Sydney!
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  4. Helen @ Conservatories Surrey says:

    Quite a funny video, but I feel very sorry for the pig it was probably terrified the poor little thing.