Le Tour Ethics

I’m now into my third year of following Le Tour and have a few opinions on riders’ ethics.

If you’re going for the points, then in my mind either you or your team must take a share of the load to get you into a position from where you can contest the points.

If you sit on the back wheel of a champion till the very last second then when you see the line you pounce and take the points, you are a fuckwit.

If you then complain about the quality of the lead out that you’ve just leeched off, or you try to coerce a champion into hunting down a breakaway after he’s carried your brother up a hill for 100ks+ then you are an oxygen thief.

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T20 World Cup – Alternative Commentary

G’Day All,

I’ve been a bit quite around here lately, spending most of my time on www.greenandgoldrugby.com. I’ve also disabled comments on this blog as the amount of spam coming through is unbearable!

Anyway, as I watching Australia dominate the T20 it’s much more interesting to listen to www.testmatchsofa.com than the tripe being served up on Fox. Better still, I’ve added a widget to the right so just press play and enjoy!

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They breed ’em tough in the country

Just saw this Toyota advert on TV, made me laugh.

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Wallabies to win the Tri Nations

Laugh at me if you will, but I just stuck $20 on the Wallabies to win this years Tri Nations.

To do this, we need to beat the Boks in Perth and Brisbane, then it gets interesting.

Considering we’ve got the only 2 bonus points in the comp so far, if we score 4 tries in Brissy and pick up a third we don’t even need to win the Auckland to take the title!

Still think my 20:1 punt is a shocker?

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Dear Channel 9

Dear Channel Nine,

Please tell Mark Nicholas to piss off to England and never come back. In his place you may hire Shane Warne, who unlike Nicholas played cricket for his country, and actually comes across like he knows what he’s talking about.


Credit to AllStarNZ for this great post

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